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Is Interior Redesign for you?

Do You...

Accent Interior Redesign

  • have rooms that just don’t work, look, or feel right
  • have a room that no one ever uses and you’re not sure why
  • have a room that has lost its sparkle
  • want a few things for your space, but you’re not sure what to get, where to go, and don’t have time to shop
  • want to change a room color or add an accent color and need help in deciding which color to choose
  • have an empty room(s) and don’t know where to start in putting the room(s) together
  • feel that your room(s) is missing something and you’re not sure what
  • want to initiate change in your home or office within a limited budget
  • have an open floor plan and don’t know where wall treatments begin or end or how to place your furnishings
  • want help in choosing the right size and style of furnishings when getting new pieces
  • want to recover or buy new furniture or new drapes and find it confusing dealing with fabric
  • have a piece of furniture that you don’t know where to put
  • have too much or too little furniture and don’t know which pieces to keep or buy

Are You...

  • moving and want your home to sell quickly for the best price
  • relocating and moving into a new home and want to get the best out of your new spaces with your existing or new furnishings as quickly as possible
  • on a limited budget and want a new look for a room or your home using what you already have
  • merging two households
  • moving to a smaller or larger house
  • going into senior housing
  • downsizing or dividing your household
  • having a regular, seasonal, theme or holiday party, dinner, or buffet and want your space decorated for the event primarily using what you already have
  • want to give a unique gift for that special event
  • tired of putting up holiday decorations every year
  • looking for a fun and informative speaker for your club or church group

If you answered YES to any of the above...then you are ready for Interior Redesign!

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