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Spring is on the way! 

In feeling those March winds, I know that April showers and May flowers cannot be far behind….

Thoughts of spring bring thoughts of rejuvenating our lives, our selves and our abodes. Nature’s new life outside urges us to create new life inside.

Preparing our homes for spring can help our spirits, our physical wellbeing as well as the comfort and beauty of the place in which we live. Here’s a few ideas for the spring season……. 

  • If you do not have an outside flag for your home, get one! You can change the flag seasonally, monthly or by holiday. It allows you to express yourself in a way that all who pass by your home can appreciate. If you already have a flagpole attached to your home, get a new spring flag to express the new life and energy you feel this time of year. The movement of the flag brings life to the front of your home!

  • In spring, the days get longer and the sun gets brighter. Reflect this new light inside and out. Do you have an outside light fixture that you’ve been itching to change – do it. A new light fixture can make you feel good about the outside of your home for not much money. The reflection of the daylight off the fixture brightens your home during the day and provides a new attractive glow at night.

  • Reflect the new spring light in your home by placing a mirror across from a window so that the light from the window is reflected throughout the room – doubles the light from the window! Mirrors are especially effective when across from a window in a dark corner that usually does not get the enjoyment of direct sunlight. Remember in hanging a mirror, however, to look at what the mirror is reflecting. If the mirror is bringing daylight into a dark corner – great, but if it reflects a portion of the room that is not very attractive or draws the eye to an area you don’t particularly like, reconsider placing the mirror to reflect what you feel is attractive.

  • With spring at our doorstep can spring cleaning be far behind! Remember, spring cleaning can accomplish more than just getting rid of dirt! The positive side is that the activity involved helps us to get in shape for summer. This physical activity in turn helps to lift our spirits. So we end up with a clean home and yard, a slimmer more toned body and a cheerful spirit. Not too bad from something we all seem to dread.

  • Getting organized about cleaning also makes the job a lot easier. I have a cleaning basket that I carry around. In it is everything I need to get a room in shape – washing, dusting and polishing cloths, various polishes for furniture, brass, etc. window cleaner, rug stain remover, wisk broom, and furniture stains for touch ups. I have everything with me. This saves steps and trying to remember where I left the dust cloth!

  • I usually start cleaning a room from the top down so that the dirt that falls gets picked up later. This routine helps the activity to go quicker and helps to not overlook areas to be cleaned. 

  • If you polish your brass only once a year, do it in the spring to reflect all that bright new daylight!

  • If, in cleaning your home, a room (or several rooms) has never felt or worked right for you, perhaps a "One Day Room Makeover" is just what that room needs to bring it to life! A “new” room is just a phone call away!

Decorating does not have to be daunting – it’s just a phone call away!

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