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Winter Has Come!

Snow and freezing rain have come early this year. We’ve had the look and effect of winter before the calendar said it was officially here!

As animals hibernate, we find ourselves wanting to stay bed a little longer or linger before the fire instead of going out to walk the dog or shovel the snow. In preparing our homes for winter, we want to do just the opposite of what Mother Nature does…

With the winter solstice, nights are longer. There is less sunlight, the days are shorter, and the sun is weaker than at other times of the year. It is cold outside!

Also, our senses are heightened during the winter. Notice how that red cardinal catches our eye against the white and grey background of the season and how we appreciate evergreen trees as they stand out in the bleak winter landscape. 

Friends and family come into our home from the dark and cold. So we want to make our homes warm, sensual (to address our finely tuned winter senses), and filled with light!   

  • Put out a welcome flag in deep rich colors in front of your home to let all know they can find a haven and the warmth of friendship there.

  • Heavy draperies, tapestries, rugs and the like should have their presence in your rooms now as they visually connote warmth and texture to contrast with the barren landscape beyond your frosted window panes.

  • Put a light in the window whether it be a candle or electric to allow the light to be a beacon in the dark of the shelter of home for yourself and others. Remember, I can help you design a winter room that finds a place for that light in the window while cozying up to the warmth of your hearth! There are room designs that compliment and highlight each season!

  • Keep nightlights on in each room during the winter. Should you rise, the emotional warmth of home will greet you and the long dark of night will be left outside! 

  • Don’t forget flannel sheets to snuggle up in and warm chenille throws throughout your house in colors that compliment each room’s color scheme whether it be complimentary or accent.

  • Keep cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove aromas circulating throughout. Place potpourri near heating vents and hearth, and place scented candles in nooks and corners. Scents such as these evoke emotions of care and closeness bringing up memories of times past when we found refuge from winter weather. 

  • Light candles and your fireplace often – nightly if possible. Fire, whether from candles or logs, does the opposite of what Mother Nature is doing. Fire gives off heat and light with the strike of a match!

  • Remember: Ideas and suggestions to enhance the light and warmth of your unique home and rooms are just a phone call away…

Decorating does not have to be daunting – it’s just a phone call away!

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