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Interior Redesign most asked questions...

What is Interior Redesign? 

  • Strictly, it is creatively designing spaces using primarily what you already have.  I, however, extend this concept as needed by blending the old with the new or putting a completely new room together to accentuate the warmth, beauty, and function of the space.

    Strict redesign is the creative process of making your rooms and existing belongings feel like new.  It essentially saves money by giving your rooms, furnishings, and accessories a new lease on life.  If, however, you need or want new furniture and accessories, I will help you make the most of your existing or new space with new belongings.

    In a nutshell, for my business, interior redesign is the creative process of recycling your current (or new) spaces and your existing (or new) belongings to make a space the best it can make a space that welcomes you home!

Will I lose my personal style? 

  • When using your existing furniture and accessories, I’ll combine them to their best advantage. When adding new pieces your style and taste will be the deciding factor. Your personal style is never lost. It’s enhanced!

What if my furniture is too “ordinary”?

  • “Ordinary” furniture, whether existing or new, is the backbone of a great room. When using what you already have or when adding some or all new pieces, creative placement, clever use of art, accessories and lighting can give “ordinary furniture” style.

What if I have too much furniture? 

  • Only furniture that works in a room will be placed in the space. You’ll know which pieces of furniture to keep or place elsewhere.

What if I don’t have enough furniture or want new furniture?

  • If you don't have enough existing furniture, what you do have will be used to its best advantage for now. Working within your budget, I'll help you get the right new pieces for the space. If you are starting with a blank or empty space - working within your budget, style and taste, I'll help you finish the room and get the right pieces to furnish the room.


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