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As an award winning decorator, I offer various levels of Interior Redesign services to meet your decorating needs...

The word "redesign" in my business name is used in its broadest sense: I redesign blank or empty spaces into fully finished, functioning rooms in the standard amount of time; I redesign rooms in a day with the "One Day Room Makeover" using what the home or business owner already has; and I do everything in between!

Redo, Refresh, or Start from Scratch, Every Room, or your whole House!

Accent Interior Redesign provides "One Stop Shopping" for all your design and decorating needs. We have no product to sell you so we are not coming into your home or office with a vested interest in you purchasing anything you do not want or need. Should you need or want new items, however, we can obtain everything in question.

By providing a full range of design and decorating services, I can work in every home, every business and with every budget!

Every budget deserves Great Design!


I will jump start your project by immediately providing you with some ideas and/or solutions. In addition I will, help you develop a plan within your budget to have the home or office you imagine or simply to deal with a difficult decorating challenge. Window treatments,
furniture style, rug, art and lighting will be addressed. Usually takes an hour.



Based on the accuracy of the science of the color wheel, I will provide scientifically sound foolproof color harmonies within your taste and style for your decorating needs.

I can also provide you with a Personal Custom Color Palette that can be used to avoid Color Mistakes when buying for your room(s).

"Color with no regrets" is the difference between a room that whispers and a room that sings!


NOTES : When General and Color Consultations are scheduled together a $25 discount will be applied.


Specializing in the “One Day Room Makeover” I use your existing furnishings and accumulated treasures to give you a new room in a day! I break down the room(s) and “shop your home” for items that will enhance the makeover. Your furniture will be placed in the most attractive arrangement for the space. Art will be re-hung and accessories placed to complete the finishing touch. An average sized room takes 3 to 4 hours (1/2 day).

$300 - for an average sized room

"What I appreciate the most was not having to spend money on furniture. It's just amazing to me that you took what I already had in my home and transformed my living room into a room that I now really enjoy."  P.S. Agawam

"It was so amazing to see how you utilized what we had ( and what we forgot we had!!) and, like magic, you recreated our walls and rooms to our delight and amazement. We feel you made our things new again." R.B. Southampton


If your room(s) need(s) more than our One Day Room Makeover, I'll help you put your room together with our design and decorating services. I'll guide you in putting the shell (walls, floor, etc.) of the room together as needed whether you're doing the work yourself or using someone else. I'll advise you where you need to spend money and where you can save in putting the room together. I'll save you from making buying mistakes when and if you are getting anything new and I'll successfully combine the old with the new as needed.

With a creative room design in the beginning to being physically hands on in putting the room together at the end, my goal is to completely finish your room according to your taste and style so you don't have to worry about it anymore. You can simply come in and enjoy!

Reasonable Rates vary - please call for details.

"I am so pleased and satisfied that we called you. Your fees are very reasonable. We love our new room. We could not have imagined putting the room together the way you did" 
M.M. Wilbraham

"I am so happy I decided to use your services. At first I wanted to apply your fees to my new sofa and not hire you, but then I realized that I would have a new sofa in a room that still did not work, that I did not like and worse I did not know what to do to make it better. You not only gave me a room that I now love, you saved me from making buying mistakes and showed me how I could use much of what I already had rather than going out to buy something new. Things I did not love before I really love now because they work so well in my room."

"Also, it was great having you put the room together. I did not have to lift a finger. I just walked into my new room. " S.M. Chicopee


I’ll help you find the perfect item for your space. I’ll track down that perfect piece.

$50 per hour

REDESIGN FOR RESALE (commonly referred to as "Staging")


As an objective observer, I will walk through your home, garage, and property and suggest what changes would present your property in the most inviting way to get the most money for your property in the shortest possible time. Studies have shown that Redesign for Resale increases your property value thus giving you immediate return on any needed staging costs you may have to incur. ( usually takes two hours )

See testimonial below.

$50 per hour


I will make the necessary changes your home needs that staging consultation indicated prior to your house going on the market .


I will put your new home together to get the full potential of your new rooms with your current (or new) belongings as quickly as possible and save on moving costs!

Reasonable Rates vary - please call for details.

"Thank you for helping me stage my condo. The year before the condo we were selling assessed at $100,000.00 and truthfully it seemed to be missing something. In one afternoon you came through our house and recommended changes be honest with you I never thought of. We had many people come through during our open house. Everyone of them remarked to our realtor on the beauty of our decor. It truly looked like House Beautiful. Within 2 weeks we had an offer...but that is not the best part of the story. We had an appraisal after you were through and the condo appraised at 128,000.00 (and it was even harder than ever to think about moving out because it looked so nice) Staging really works and it was extremely inexpensive. Worth much more than what you asked for.

The new house we were building at the same time was extremely stressful. Yet you came in and made suggestions about lighting, colors, and where walls and closets should go for the sake of all our furniture. People come in to my new house and they always compliment my "Accented Interior" I am truly happy with all the time and care you put into making my home the haven it has become. I cannot thank you enough. Now I always recommend that anyone selling their house or buying a new one involve you in the process. Thanks again Phyllis!"

Pam P.
Springfield, M


Whether you’re having a formal dinner party, an informal buffet, or anything in between, using your silver, crystal, china, and other treasures, I’ll create fun and unique tables, tablescapes, and spaces for the occasion. Using your holiday decorations, I’ll create enchanting fresh spaces to celebrate the holidays.

Reasonable Rates vary – please call for details


Searching for the perfect housewarming, wedding, anniversary, birthday, baby shower, retirement, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Valentines Day or Holiday gift? Give that special someone a decorating Consultation or a new room with a “One Day Room Makeover”.


If your group needs a special program for an upcoming meeting, gathering or fundraiser, I have a variety of one hour programs that can be tailored to your needs.



Accent Interior Redesign in Springfield, MA

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